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  Welcome to Sally's Saddles.  At Sally's Saddles we are proud to carry the popular and authentic Barefoot® Treeless Saddles, offering you and your horse quality, comfort and value in a treeless saddle.  The Barefoot® Treeless Saddle is designed by German Equine Physiotherapist, Sabine Ullmann, with your horses well-being in mind.  It is not only super comfortable, flexible in all directions, but stylish and affordable as well with prices starting at $444.00 for the Cheyenne Drytex model.   We think you will absolutely love this saddle.  Our mission at Sally's Saddles is to not only to help you and your horse experience the benefits of going treeless, but to help horses with issues other than saddle fit.   When you purchase from Sally's Saddles approximately 10% of our profits will be donated to various equine non-profit organizations,  because we care. 




Hi, my name is Sally and I am now a mature Mustang mare.   My Mom wants only the best for me and that is why she is started me in a Barefoot® treeless saddle.   I was a typical young filly, lanky and lean and the Barefoot hugged and conformed to my shape making my first ride fun and easy.   As I grew up and developed it molded and conformed to my changing shape.  Now I am fully grown and have developed into quite a full figured beauty, big and muscular.  My saddle has grown with me, I have never known the confines of a saddle that doesn't.  The Barefoot saddle is designed to be flexible so that I can be flexible, it moves when I move, bends when I bend.  Because I can move more naturally and freely, I am also less likely to "act up" due to pain which sometimes happens to horses in 'treed' saddles that are poor fitting.  Barefoot® treeless saddles require very little fitting as they are designed to fit most horses.  My Mom really likes this benefit as you can ride several horses with the same saddle. She says it is the most comfortable saddle she has ever ridden, the closeness and feel of the horse reminds her of riding bareback but with the secure feeling you get from riding in a saddle. 

 My Mom and I want you and your horse to experience the quality, comfort and value of a Barefoot® saddle.  We are also dedicated to helping horses with issues besides saddle fitting. That is why approximately 10% of our profits goes to helping equine non-profits like The Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue who are dedicated to protecting and preserving Mustangs like myself.  So start shopping and know you are helping horses like me!

You may visit www.thecloudfoundation.org or www.frontrangeequinerescue.org for more information on how you can help.

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