Barefoot Barrydale Saddle
Barefoot Barrydale Saddle

Barefoot Barrydale Saddle

Barefoot Barrydale Saddle
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Barefoot Barrydale Saddle

  • anatomically shaped knee roll
  • V-belting for greater girth adjustability
  • adjustable stirrup attachment
  • VPS system

The anatomically shaped knee rolls on the Barefoot Barrydale saddle frame the rider thus affording the rider a low and secure ride.

The new Barefoot V-belting allows the girthing to self-adjust and distributes the pressure of the girth over the entire saddle.  The position of the V-belting also positions the rider over the horse's center of gravity, the perfect position for the horse to support the rider's weight.

Each Barefoot Barrydale incorporates Barefoot's VPS (vertebrae protection system).  The Barefoot VPS system's components are totally flexible and therefore the saddle adjusts immediately to the movements of the horse. It is not bulky an allows for a very close contact and connection between horse and rider.

Barefoot's adjustable stirrup attachment allows each rider to position their stirrups in the perfect position for their individual seat and style of riding.  The Barrydale comes with 9 D-rings and a medium/standard size pommel insert.

The Barrydale is made with nubuck leather, soft, pliable and easy to take care of due to it's dirt repellent surface treatment.  Available in 3 colors, Black/Grey  Brown/Hazelnut, and all Black.

Click here to watch the video  on how the Barefoot Saddle allows greater freedom of movement for the horse

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