"I  am learning to ride on Smokey in a Barefoot Cheyenne saddle.  I like riding Smokey because it is fun and I like the saddle because I can pick it up and saddle him all by myself."

Clover, age 9, Manitou Springs, CO.


"As a senior equine, it is a treat for me to be ridden by a nice light rider like Clover and in a nice light saddle like the Barefoot Cheyenne.  I especially appreciate that the saddle does not pinch or bridge on my back like some of the 'treed' saddles I have been  ridden in in my past."

Smokey, age 26, Manitou Springs, CO.


"Kim, I really want to thank you for all the effort you put into helping me find my new Barefoot Arizona Saddle!

When I realized that my current saddle was just not fitting my Saddlebred well enough anymore, I dreaded the thought of having to go on a search for a new saddle.  Not only is he quite difficult to fit but I didn't want to invest a lot of money in a saddle that had no chance of fitting any of my other horses.

And then I was lucky enough to run into you at an event for Front Range Equine Rescue.  After talking with you I went home and researched Barefoot saddles on the internet and found many glowing reviews.  I was able to try out a couple of saddles with your rental program until I found the one that fit me as well as my horse!  You were extremely helpful with your advise and your willingness to do research if you didn't know the answer.  I so appreciated all your efforts to make sure that I got the saddle that I wanted.  I can't stress how much I appreciated your desire to make sure I was happy and comfortable before I invested in a new saddle.

The best part is that with the different forks available this saddle fits both my extremely narrow high-withered Saddlebred and my low-withered wider Arab cross.  One big improvement I have noticed is that my mare who was cinchy and objected to my tightening the western girth on my old saddle that I thought fit her well, no longer reacts to my tightening the girth on my new Barefoot Arizona saddle.  And I love the saddle!  The first weekend that I had it I rode in a 6-hour trail ride and it was soooo comfortable.

Nancy, Colorado Springs, CO.


"I had been interested in, reading about, and looking at treeless saddles online for quite a few years after having a hard to fit horse for a number of years.  I wanted a lightweight and comfortable saddle for me and my horse, and one that would be durable enough to accomodate miles of difficult mountain riding.  After trying a friend's treeless saddle on a Missouri Fox Trotter, and liking how it felt, I decided to get serious about looking for one for myself.

At that time I was also looking into buying another horse.  I did a lot of research on treeless saddles, and liked the way the Barefoot saddles were made ( as well as the affordability ), so I went ahead and purchased the Cheyenne Drytex.  In the over 6 months of looking at, trying out and riding different horses to buy, I was very impressed with the fact the saddle worked so well on so many different shaped horses.  I ended up buying "Doc", a Missouri Fox Trotter, and I have been enjoying every minute of my comfortable cushy saddle.  I think he likes it too...less weight and more freedom of movement!

And Kim, at Sally's Saddles was great to work with, answering all my curious questions about my new venture into the world of treeless saddles.  Thanks for helping me with my new adventure!"

Jane, Jerome AZ.


"A professionally fitted, quality saddle, along with veterinary/farrier care, and proper nutrition are the foundation of a safe and healthy equine relationship.  The employment of professionals in building this foundation is essential.  I feel that using as "natural" an approach as possible is best.  Listen to your horse; they will tell you what they need."

John Conway,  Farrier, Divide, CO.

Retired Instructor at Pikes Peak Community College, Farrier Science Program, Colorado Springs, CO. 



Click here to watch the video  on how the Barefoot Saddle allows greater freedom of movement for the horse

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