Beet-E-Bites Horse Treats

Sally's Saddles is proud to carry and introduce to you new Beete-E-Bites, an all natural, low-carb, low sugar horse treat.

Beet-E-Bites were developed for with the needs of horses with Cushings, Insulin Resistant, EPSM and other carbohydrate sensitive horses in mind.  But they are perfect for every horse, as horses love them and you can feel good about giving a healthy treat.  Home baked with love right here in Colorado they come in a heart-shaped cookie in four horse pleasing flavors, apple, carrot, peppermint and licorice.  Just in time for Christmas we have 8 oz gift bags, a perfect stocking stuffer, or a 32 oz. Christmas Sampler Bucket for the ultimate gift for your equine friend.  The bucket contains 4 8 oz. gift bags, one in each flavor.


Beet-E-Bites are made from these fine ingredients;

Beet Pulp  soaked and rinsed, a highly digestable feed, a super fiber, and about 10% protein.

Flax Seed  human grade organic, rich in Omega 3 fatty-acids which are beneficial for a variety of inflammatory conditions, skin problems and allergies.

Soybean Hulls A natural anti-oxidant including Vtamin E.

Alfalfa Meal  Pesticide-free, no fillers or molasses and a highly digestable protein source.

Natural Flavoring Oils  FDA approved


Beet-E-Bites are tested by Equi-Analytical Labs to contain 3.3% simple sugars, and 4.9% starch, for a total value of 8.2%.  Recommendations for carb-sensitive horses are 10% and under.


Beet-E-Bites have passed the personal taste test of both my horses.  Sally loves them, and Smokey who is a little bit picky loves them too.  

Treat your horse right with Beet-E-Bites.  Order yours today!

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