Demo a saddle
Demo a saddle

Demo a saddle

Demo a saddle
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Want to try before you buy?

  Try our demo program, just $100.00  $50.00 demo fee and $50.00 shipping fee

Currently we have a Cheyenne size 2, an Arizona size 1 and a Happy Valley size 2 available as demo's.

  Try the saddle for 10 days, use and ride in our demo saddle as you would your own.   If you decide to purchase a new saddle, your full demo fee, $100.00  is credited toward the purchase of your new saddle.  Customer is responsible for return shipping on all demo saddles. Customer is also liable for the full cost of any saddle that is not returned in a timely manner or has been damaged beyond repair.  Please call for more information 719 369 6451.

Click here to watch the video  on how the Barefoot Saddle allows greater freedom of movement for the horse

Featured Products

Featured Products

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Barefoot Soft Walk Saddle

The Ultimate in Comfort
Designed with more 'twist' so easier
on the riders's hips  surrounds rider 
softly and securely, a fantastic feeling!
Regularly $864.00
On Sale $789.00!