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Barefoot Soft Pommel Inserts

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Featured Products

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Barefoot Soft Walk Saddle

The Ultimate in Comfort
Designed with more 'twist' so easier
on the riders's hips  surrounds rider 
softly and securely, a fantastic feeling!
Only $864.00!
Barefoot Soft Pommel Inserts

Barefoot Soft Pommel Inserts

Barefoot Soft Pommel Inserts
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The Barefoot Soft Pommel Insert is another insert option and easily exchanged by simply unzipping the zipper in the pommel area, exchange the inserts and zip back up again.
This insert is made of cotton and filled with wool and is totally soft flexible.
This is recommended for horses that are very sensitive in the wither or shoulder area.
It works well on round low withered horses, but not for high withered horses.