Barefoot Wide Leathers 2"
Barefoot Wide Leathers 2"

Barefoot Wide Leathers 2"

Barefoot Wide Leathers 2"
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The Barefoot Wide Leathers 2", are double the width of regular ones. These leathers help stabilize the riders rider’s leg and the buckles on these leathers are on the bottom to avoid bulk under the inner thighs. These wide leathers are easily adjustable from the saddle and are great to use without chaps or boots since they wont’ pinch your lower leg.

•No buckle pressure on the horse’s back
•Easy adjustment from the saddle
•Nylon backing
•Nylon lined to avoid stretching.

We recommend these leathers for all western saddle models, and also work well with the Atlanta and Tahoe (except Tahoe Classic). All of our western stirrups will fit these wide leathers.  They do not fit most english saddle models.

Width: 5 cm
Length: 140 cm,  (55")

Available in black and brown
Sold by pair

Click here to watch the video  on how the Barefoot Saddle allows greater freedom of movement for the horse

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