Woolback Dressage Girth by Toklat
Woolback Dressage Girth by Toklat

Woolback Dressage Girth by Toklat

Woolback Dressage Girth by Toklat
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This Woolback Dressage by Tolkat is made of quality construction to provide years of riding for you and your horse.  Woolback is the most natural material to put against your horse's skin. It helps your horse stay cool,dry and comfortable.  Wool has natural wicking properties that increase the ventilation and cooling effect of rapid moisture evaporation, reducing heat buildup and galling.
This girth is made of an extra heavy wool pile fabric that is machine washable. The strong elastic at both ends to give your horse some added comfort and flexibility. It comes with a center D-ring for a breastplate attachment stainless steel roller buckles.

To clean and wash first brush the wool fleece to remove excess dirt and hair, then machine wash on a gentle cycle using a small amount of mild detergent.
We recommend Kookaburra Woolwash Shampoo.

This Woolback Dressage girth is available in a natural white fleece with a choice of brown or black webbing.
Available in sizes 18' to 30'. Please call to special order 719 369- 6451 If you need a different size.

To determine what size girth your horse needs use the following guideline. Measure your horse's girth area a hands width above the point of elbow on one side to the point of elbow on the other side. This will give you a good estimate on what size girth your horse needs. Proper girth fit is very important to saddle stability and to help prevent slipping.

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