About Sallys Saddles

O.K. you've met Sally, let me introduce myself. My name is Kimberly Blue, founder of Sallys Saddles.

I have been an avid horsewoman since 1971, at age 11, when my sister and I finally talked our Dad into getting our first horse, Apache, who we shared.  I am currently blessed to have partnerships with three very special horses, Mustang Sally, Smokey and Cassie.

I adopted and rescued Sally as a weanling from Mustang Prison ( BLM holding facility).  She is my dream come true filly, has quite the horsenality, and is of course the star of Sallys Saddles. 

I rescued my other Mustang, Smokey, when he was 5 years old and promised him a forever home.  He comes from a  neglected and abusive background and is very special to me. As of 2018 he is 34 and enjoying retirement.

We adopted Cassie from Ruby Ranch Rescue in 2014 for my husband Earnie.
She is a very sweet and pretty girl and after having a bit of a stay at the rescue she now has a forever home.

My horse experience includes working as a wrangler and as a show groom.  I have participated in competitve trail riding and volunteered in a therapeutic riding program.  I have studied various horsemanship methods including Parelli and TTeam.  I have a passionate love for horses and my heart especially goes out to the unwanted ones.

I was introduced to a treeless saddle in 2009 while taking a riding lesson.  I immediately noticed how comfortable it was and how close I felt to the horse.  It reminded me of riding bareback, feeling of and flowing with the horse, but with the sense of security you feel from a saddle.  I loved it!

I was intrigued with these saddles and the concept behind them.   And so I started Sallys Saddles in Jan 2010, so I can share with other horse lovers the experience of going treeless!   The benefits of a treeless saddle for horse and rider include: