Parelli Products

Sally’s Saddles is proud to present the Parelli line of products!

As a long time Parelli enthusiast I know the importance of the proper equipment when communicating with your horse.
I have learned so much from this amazing program, it has completely transformed my horsemanship. I have always LOVED horses, but really did not understand their LANGUAGE and how my LEADERSHIP could help create a bond and communication system that would positively enhance the relationship between my horse and I.

I got Sally as a weanling, she was born in the wild and was rounded up just a few weeks before I adopted her from the BLM.
She did go through the prisons halter training program as the boarding stable did not want a totally wild horse coming in. But I started her as if she had never been touched. One thing I remember Pat saying was let the horse touch you first, that many horses have never had that chance. So that is what I did… I sat in the corral and waited for her to come touch me first. Then I put my ” Heart in my Hand” as Pat would say, and the rest is history. My Mustang Sally is a beautiful and smart girl, we have a close bond, and following the Parelli method in starting my first horse has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. And now we are excited to share the Parelli educational system and equipment here on Sally’s Saddles.