Barefoot Happy Valley Saddle


The Barefoot model ‘Happy Valley’ was developed after listening to rider’s feedback, who wanted a sheepskin saddle that would not cause problems for the horse’s back but one that also offered the comfort of a genuine sheepskin saddle.
The structure of the ‘Happy Valley’ corresponds to our proven Barefoot saddles: The saddle offers the same protection for the horse and the same flexibility. The integrated VPS system protects the horse’s back from pressure points and saddle adapts to the horse’s  movement to allow muscle development instead of bruising of the muscles. It is therefore possible to use this saddle just as normal  with leathers or fenders  without any restrictions.
The ‘Happy Valley’  by Barefoot offers even more comfort for the  rider:   This saddle offers more ‘twist’ in the seat with a soft anatomically shaped underneath the seat.  Great for riders who have hip problems or riding wide horses as this ensures the rider does not sit too wide.  The seat is super soft with the large incorporated foam padding ensuring such a secure, embedded seat for the rider that he will not want to get off. The saddle offers more than support,  it ‘surrounds’ the rider softly and securely,
Truly a fantastic feeling!


VPS back protection
More twist-easier on the riders hips
Soft thick fleece, secure and super comfortable
4 D-rings, high quality conchas with decorative leather strings that attach the sheepskin seat to the saddle base
Wide pommel insert, interchangable. High-quality conchas with leather strings for decoration and attaches the sheepskin seat to the saddle base
Specially devised rigging system on this saddle: Two girth straps run through and over padding made of soft leather to  avoid coat irritation or even worse pressure points on the sensitive belly. Dressage girth is required.

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Black, Brown


Size 1, Size 2