Barefoot Just-Adjust Saddle


This innovative saddle Barefoot Just Adjust Saddle  has all the features we love in the traditional Cheyenne Drytex plus more!  Now you can just adjust the seat size too!

Simply use the velcro system to move the cantle and just adjust the seat size.  This saddle comes in two adjustable sizes, 0-1-2 or a 1-2-3. Perfect for multiple riders using the same saddle.  Ideal for therapeutic riding schools, lesson horses, or families.  Also comes with detachable knee rolls for rider preferences, adjustable stirrup attachment, 6 D rings, the standard/medium size pommel and VPS system. This saddle is made of an attractive and practical blend of Drytex and suede.
Available in black.


The Barefoot Just Adjust Saddle comes in two adjustable sizes  0-1-2 or 1-2-3.  Black only

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0-1-2, 1-2-3