Barefoot Nottingham Saddle


Our Nottingham saddle model is equipped with a 3-layer VPS® system. The 3-layer VPS® system guarantees even more protection for the horse from pressure under the stirrup strap attachment. This makes the saddle suitable not only for riders who put significantly more weight into the saddle, but also for trail riding, jumping and other high loads. Nottingham is suitable for jumping, as the knee roll is shaped similarly to that of a jumping saddle and the 3-layer VPS® system cushions bumps on landing.

Nevertheless, the saddle remains so flexible that your horse feels comfortable underneath and its movements are not restricted.  The stirrup suspension can be positioned between seat and saddle according to the rider’s wishes. This saddle adapts to your seat and your body dimensions easily.

The saddle is made of supple soft leather – in combination with easy-care DryTex® material as a base.

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