Barefoot Special English Pad


The Barefoot Special Saddle Pads are designed for our Barefoot saddles yet will work equally well under other treeless saddle models and treed saddles.  The Barefoot Special English Pads are anatomically contoured to the horses topline and cut to fit the style of saddle.

The Special Saddle Pads are contoured to accommodate the horse’s withers and have a split over the wither area to avoid rubbing and compression. The Special Saddle Pads are anatomically formed and come with one set of removable inserts. The pads generate good spinal clearance and guarantee ideal pressure absorption and distribution. Even more comfort and cushioning is achieved by the pure wool underside which provides temperature regulation and moisture absorption.

There is no fleece lining right over the spine and this feature provides additional clearance for the spine and spinous processes. All saddle pads have a poly cotton padding inside and the top layer is made of tough and durable quilted cotton. All pads come with Velcro straps along the topline to attach to your saddle’s d-rings.


The Barefoot Special Pad is available in two styles.



Available in black or brown.

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Black, Brown


Cheyenne, Tahoe