Barefoot Syringa 2 in 1` Bridle


The Barefoot Syringa 2-In-1 Bridles, complete with reins, can be used without a bit as a side-pull or as a bitless-bridle with crossed reins. It is also a great leather bridle to use for ground work or lungeing your horses.


  • Browband and extra-wide crown-piece are softly padded
  • Crown-piece is extra wide and thickly padded, so it reduces punctual pressure behind the ears
  • Pressure is applied onto the bridge of the nose by soft rope
  • Use as a bitless bridle or sidepull
  • Soft and even distribution of pressure on your horse’s face
  • Complete with reins


Sizing: Arab/Quarter Horse, Large Horse/Warmblood.
Note: Barefoot items are made in Germany, so slight variation in sizing is possible. Please check measurements.

Additional information


Black, Brown/Burgundy


Small Arab/QH, Large Warmblood