Barefoot Tahoe


The Barefoot Tahoe is a unique and attractive all-purpose style saddle.
It is two-tone in color, with soft brown nubuck leather and with a beautiful black horse head designed into the leather and finished with black trim.
It is equipped with 8 D-rings and leather strings both front and back.

The Barefoot Tahoe now comes with some additional features including;

Adjustable stirrup attachment-allows the rider ability to adjust stirrup placement.

V-Belting-self adjusts for greater horse comfort and saddle stability.

Air pump knee flaps with adjustable knee rolls.

All Barefoot Treeless Saddles come with VPS (vertebrae protection system). This VPS system consists of thick, moulded, pressure absorbing panels on each side of the horses spine. These panels create a gullet to guarantee improved spinal clearance. They are anatomically shaped to both horse and rider, providing excellent wither clearance and less bulk under the rider’s thigh for a closer contact to the horse.

The higher cantle on the Tahoe is made of a thick foam and is anatomically shaped to both the horse and rider.
For the horse this allows more freedom of movement, encourages engagement of the hindquarters and vertical flexion of the back.
For the rider this allows for a deeper, well cushioned and secure seat.


Available in the two tone black and brown nubuck leather, also available is the Tahoe Classic in all black.
Available in sizes 1,or 2.

Size 1 seat is approximately equivalent to a 15″ western seat, or a 17″ english seat.
For the rider this fits those who usually wear size small clothing, or dress size 8 & under.

Size 2 seat is approximately equivalent to a 17″ western seat, or a 18″ english seat.
For the rider this fits those who usually wear a size medium & up clothing, or dress size 8 & up.

Color: 2 tone, black/brown

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Size 1, Size 2