Barefoot Wellington Dressage Saddle


This beautiful and innovative dressage saddle is made with a soft leather, is ultra light and has Barefoot’s well-proven VPS system. The extra-narrow seat and special, flat saddle flaps allow excellent contact between the rider’s leg and the horse. The detachable seat means the saddle is extremely flexible and adapts itself precisely to the horse’s body shape. The open stirrup attachment is fixed between the seat and the saddle’s under construction and can easily be adjusted, giving the rider an exact fit.  Riders with unequal leg length can achieve an optimal position by pushing the stirrup attachment further forward or backward to suit.


The anatomically-contoured seat has a non-slip surface; the knee roll gently stabilizes the rider’s leg in the correct dressage position. Additional cushioning can be fixed under the contoured saddle flaps with Velcro fastening. The saddle is fitted with a flexible V-girth.
As with all Barefoot models, this saddle can be placed further forward on the horse, thus positioning the rider directly above its center of gravity, making it easier for the horse to balance the rider’s weight.  The pommel insert is medium size but is interchangeable depending on your horses needs.
• Flexible in all dimensions
• No pressure and therefore no restriction of muscle development
• Open stirrup attachments can be positioned individually
• Flexible V-girth
• VPS System
• Anatomically-contoured flaps, additional flaps available
• Seat gives you “near-to-horse” feeling for more sensitive riding.
Nice and light, the Wellington only weighs about 13 lbs and is available in either size 1 or a size 2.  Black

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Size 1, Size 2