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We offer a flexible demo program so we can help our customers make the correct choice when purchasing a saddle. It is important to us that you and your horse/s are very happy with your new Barefoot Saddle. We are therefore happy to offer you the opportunity to demo a Barefoot Saddle.  Our demo program uses used saddles so that you can really ride and try the saddle without the worry of putting wear and tear on the saddle like you would with buying a new saddle.

We currently have a Cheyenne size 2, a Happy Valley size 2, and an Arizona size 1 available for our demo program.  There is a $75.00 demo fee and a $75.00 shipping charge to try a saddle for 14 days.  We send your demo saddle with all the accessories you will need to try it out, pad, leathers/fenders stirrups and girth.  Please email us at    or call us at 719 369 6451 to discuss what size girth and what type of accessories you need.  Please view the demo and liability forms, sign and e mail them back.  A credit card preauthorization will be required to secure the full value of the saddle and accessories in the event it is damaged or not returned.  You are responsible for return shipping and costs.  This program works great if you have never tried a Barefoot or other treeless saddle, so you can try before you buy.  You do not have to worry about dirt, hair or minor scuff marks like you do with a new saddle, this way you can really do some good riding before you decide.  The $75.00 demo fee will be credited toward your new saddle purchase should you decide to buy.
If you prefer, you may also go ahead and purchase a new saddle.  Please note* the saddle must be in a new resalable condition, all tags intact, clean and free of scuff marks or other signs of wear. We will refund your purchase price minus a 20% return charge and the $75.00 shipping charge, you will need to pay for return shipping as well.  As most of our customers simply love their Barefoot Saddle from day one, this option works well especially for those who are ready and anxious to get their new saddle, and do not want to have to pack up and return a demo saddle.
 During your demo time please call it you have any questions or concerns.  If you encounter issues, we work with you to resolve anything that may be causing a problem, which could be just as simple as a different saddle pad or girth that will work better for your particular horse and rider combination.


$75.00 Shipping fee included. Free shipping specials do not apply.

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Available Saddles

Cheyenne size 2 black, Arizona size 1 brown, Happy Valley size 2 black