shipping policy

General Information

Sally’s Saddles may use either USPS, Fed Ex or UPS to ship products.  Please call if you would like to request a different shipper or have special shipping needs (extra charges may apply).  We strive to deliver your saddle as soon as possible. Some orders may take only a few days to receive.  Most orders will take just a few days and can be shipped directy to you from the warehouse.   However, since these saddles are imported from Germany, some orders may require 4-6 weeks before we are able to ship them to you.  Sally’s Saddles will contact you if your order will require extra shipping time.

Orders within the continental U.S. will have a fixed rate of $75.00  per saddle for any saddle order.   Any accessories, including pads,  ordered with your saddle order will be shipped with your saddle at no extra cost.  Accessories ordered separately without a saddle order will have a fixed rate as follows.  Variations may apply depending on weight and destination, you will be informed before shipping if your item requires additional costs.

All orders valued at over $500.00 will require a signature due to the value and insurance purchased for that order.

Amount of order                                       Shipping Cost

Up to $80.00                                               $15.00

$80.01 to $148.00                                    $25.00

$148.01 to $225.00                                 $40.00

$225.01 to $300.00                                 $45.00

$300.01 to $400.00                                 $50.00

All Saddles                                                      $75.00 
    (Accessories ordered at same time as saddle no additional cost)

Please check your order  as soon as possible and call Sally’s Saddles regarding any concerns on your order such as damages, wrong item,etc.